Our City Guide



1. Cafe Habima

Artichoke, anchovy and mozzarella toast. Situated in the middle of Ben Zion Boulevard, Cafe Habima is the quintessential Tel Avivian kiosk cafe. Located across from the Habima theater, the cafe serves exceptional sandwiches, pastries, and coffee from early morning until midnight. Take a break on the Boulevard to sit back and watch the locals stroll by.

Ben Zion Boulevard 31


2. Cafe Sheleg

Fresh coffee and even fresher ingredients. At the corner of Geula and Allenby Street, Cafe Sheleg is the ultimate bohemian Tel Aviv cafe – dishing up exceptional coffee and lively Middle Eastern beats. An oasis of creativity, Sheleg offers one of the best cafe menus in the city. Located in the Kerem HaTeimanim neighborhood, and up the street from the beach, Sheleg is the perfect example of what makes Tel Aviv’s cafe culture so unique. Photos by Sarale Gur Lavy.

Geula Street 44


3. Cafe XoHo

Homemade everything and breakfast all day. This bohemian cafe has become a home-away-from-home to both local and tourist regulars. A sense of community is the most important thing at Cafe XoHo, as connections are made between the owner and customers every hour of every day. From the beginning, they’ve served a vegetarian menu, with vegan and gluten free options. The only thing that is not vegetarian is the house-cured salmon, which is similar to gravlax and which goes very well, of course, on a delicious toasted homemade XoHo bagel. You can also find yummy cookies and alternative breakfasts all day long. Cafe XoHo has grown organically over the years through the efforts, quality and creativity, and is celebrating 8 years of success on February 17, 2018. Photos by Dror Einav.

Gordon Street 17


4. Casino San Remo

Vegan Burger. By day, Casino San Remo is a culinary hub and meeting point, attracting an endless stream of  coffee drinkers. By night, you can find Tel Aviv’s best DJs, a great dinner selection, and a prime spot for people watching. Located in beautiful old Jaffa, Casino San Remo hosts a variety of creative events and nightly music.

Nechama Street 2


5. EATS cafeteria

A medley of salads. Inspired by the cafes of Europe and New York, and situated in the heart of Ben Gurion Boulevard, EATS cafeteria focuses on healthy living and the good life. Tucked away in a peaceful green space, EATS is the perfect location to sit down for a full meal, enjoy a coffee break, or to take home deliciously prepared foods for everyone to enjoy. Pastries and scones are baked fresh each morning, served with creamy butter and homemade jams. Enjoy fresh breads and sandwiches straight from the oven, as well as hearty dishes and an assortment of colorful and nutritious salads, a favorite lunchtime option, to stay or to go.

Adam HaCohen Street 1


6. HaCafe Ben Gurion

East meets West. A picturesque kiosk cafe located on a gorgeous tree lined boulevard, HaCafe Ben Gurion serves a unique blend of Vietnamese and French cuisine from early morning until midnight. Situated on the corner of Ben Gurion Boulevard and Dizengoff, this cafe plates up the perfect flavorsome lunch in North Tel Aviv. Photos by Gili Merin

Ben Gurion Boulevard 42

7. Iceberg

Tangerine and tarragon deep chocolate ice cream. With multiple locations across the city, Iceberg is the place to get your fix of the highest quality, entirely naturally made ice creams. With an enticing blend of options to choose from (vegan included), Iceberg is the best way to escape the Tel Aviv heat. Homemade from start to finish, and preservative free, this is the perfect ice cream to cool you down on warm Tel Aviv days.

Ibn Gabirol Street 24
Haarba’a  Street 4


8. Nahat

Micro-roastery. In a coffee obsessed city, Cafe Nahat stands out with its own in house micro-roastery. The owners source, blend, profile, and roast their own beans – and use various brewing methods. The menu offers freshly baked goods, delicious salads, sandwiches, and vegan friendly options. Located just off Dizengoff Square, Cafe Nahat was inspired by the great Parisian salons, intended for the gathering of minds, creative inspiration, and the exchange of ideas.

Reines Street 1



1. Agas & Tamar

Antique gold. Founded by designers Einat Agas and Tamar Harel-Klein, Agas & Tamar is an example of handcrafted jewelry, made with a blend of materials, combining ancient traditions and modern techniques. An established name, Agas & Tamar’s pieces transcend time and have gained an international following.

Shabazi Street 43


2. Aviva Zilberman

Israeli Womenswear. Aviva Zilberman’s thoroughly researched smart cuts and clean designs showcase the body in a sophisticated, organic, and playful way. With her considerable focus and dedication, her collections are always timeless and elegant. The boutique, with its constantly updated and beautiful window display, is always worth a visit.

Melchett Street 23


3. Boutique 5

Handpicked Israeli Fashion. A neighborhood shop off the beaten track, Boutique 5 features a carefully curated selection of local and international brands. The place for evening wear, jewelry, shoes, and perfect everyday pieces, the location offers one of the best selections of current trends and timeless pieces. A beloved fashion destination, Boutique 5 is a “not to be missed” stop for the sartorially inclined.

Lincoln Street 5


4.  Comme Il Faut

Situated in the Tel Aviv Port with stunning views of the sea, Comme il Faut is an alternative concept store displaying the latest trends in fashion, design, and art. A spectacle for all shoppers, the store carries their own collection, in addition to Israeli and international designers. A beautifully designed showroom, Comme il Faut carries everything from clothing to accessories, books to art. The space also houses a women’s only spa, a place of inspiration and relaxation on the Mediterranean Sea.

Hangar 26, Tel Aviv Port.


5. Goldy

Israeli designers. Offering an impressive showcase of Israeli designers, this Tel Aviv jewelry and accessories store specializes in a variety of materials – from gold to silver and diamonds. The jewelry is carefully curated alongside an array of accessories such as bags, wallets, scarves and unique pieces of clothing.

Dizengoff Street 232


6. Gusta

Urban, modern, and clean-cut designs. With its line of clean-cut, minimalist, and monochromatic womenswear, Gusta’s distinct look combines influences such as Japanese aesthetics and rock and roll icons. With comfortable fabrics and sophisticated silhouettes, Gusta creates designs that combine urban sensibilities with a contemporary and international appeal.

Amiad Street 16
Jabotinski Street 19


7. Hoko

Pants with the perfect cut. Designed by Hagit Hazan, Hoko is a stylish, sophisticated and feminine take on womenswear, with draping that is particularly Tel Avivian. Grounded in minimalist architecture and the graphic world, Hagit specializes in creating the perfect flattering cut for every woman.

Sgula Street 6



Glamorous diamonds. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, HOTCROWN specializes in classic and custom made jewelry. Handcrafted with the highest level of care and attention to detail, the shop has a selection of jewelry ranging from stunning diamond rings, to multi-colored stone necklaces and radiant earrings. Their captivating creations are designed with high-quality and responsibly sourced materials, using only recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds.

Dizengoff Street 209


9. Joseph Haver

Must-have shades. Optometrist Joseph Haver offers an exclusive selection of international eyewear alongside his own contemporary frames. Located in an old building alongside one of Tel Aviv’s main squares, the elegant eyewear mirrors the historic architectural minimalism of the city. Blending international aesthetics with local inspiration, Haver’s collection is not to be missed.

Dizengoff Street 216


10. Julliett

Feminine elegance. A womenswear design label that offers chic and clean-cut silhouettes, Julliett’s casual pieces channel classic, feminine and fresh cuts, while maintaining a modern aesthetic. By combining superior quality with a unique sense of style, Julliett presents a balanced collection, including stand alone pieces with unique and definitive touches.

Sgula Street 9


11. Limited by Ronen Chen

Clothing with volume. Founded in 2014 by renowned Israeli fashion designer Ronen Chen, Limited is a unique exploration of contemporary fashion that combines a variety of limited edition pieces. Chen’s style is inspired by works of architecture, geometric shapes, origami, and a long love affair with the color black.

Dizengoff Street 155


12. Maya Bash

Urban chic. Offering a sleek and urban friendly selection, designer Maya Bash is known for her smart, deconstructed fashion where she takes familiar silhouettes and breaks the rules of standard cuts. Every season, she creates a unique collection exploring new subjects, often in collaboration with various artists, photographers and filmmakers.

Barzilay Street 5


13. Maya Geller

Shape and form. Maya Geller’s jewelry designs are influenced by simple shapes and forms, encompassing the traditional goldsmith’s craft with symmetrical and clean aesthetics. The collection is extensive and reflects a variety of styles with a specific urban elegance. Combining unique stones with precious metals, Geller’s distinctive works reflect the highest attention to quality.

Shenkin Street 37


14. Maya Negri

Contemporary and feminine. Maya Negri designs fresh and modern clothing for women – collections full of style, femininity and confidence, with true Israeli flair. Her style nods towards modern design with contemporary cuts and fabrics, while remaining true to the female form.

Rothschild Boulevard 1


15. Myki

Minimalist and modern. A small and intimate boutique created by Israeli fashion designer Maya Zukerman, Myki is a store where you can find the ultimate minimalist and contemporary womenswear designs. Alongside Zukerman’s own collection, Myki represents a meticulously handpicked group of international designers from Japan, Europe, America and Israel.

Yehuda Halevi Street 85


16. Ola Bikont, Ella Levy and Balagan Studios

Tucked away in the charming neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, the shared home of Bikont Jewelry and Ella Levy Studios blurs the distinction between studio space and showroom, creating an oasis of creativity and design. Bikont’s jewelry line is bold and contemporary, employing traditional metal-working practices to create pieces likened to works of art, while Ella Levy’s line of womenswear combines classic silhouettes with an urban edge. This magical showroom is also home to BALAGAN STUDIO – a high quality brand producing classically designed shoes and leather goods.

Kfar Saba Street 4


17. Papier

Perfect Notebooks. The perfect gift shop for design lovers, Papier features paper products inspired by the world of print, text and, graphic design. All products are designed and produced in Israel, and are united by a clean and sophisticated aesthetic. With notebooks and planners to inspire you, Papier’s selection is perfect for the writer or traveler – or maybe even your next big idea.

David Hamelech Boulevard 1


18. Rina Zin

Timeless romantic design. An established fashion designer for the past 25 years, Rina Zin’s relentless focus on quality and sophistication creates designs that are absolutely timeless. Collections are distinctly feminine, combining flawless details with a variety of fabrics – from dainty sheers to unique metallics. Luxury for the everyday, Zin’s pieces bring a romance to the clothing we wear.

Dizengoff Street 28


19. Roni Bar

Avant-garde design. Roni Bar’s versatile designs are characterized by androgynous style and geometric patterns. She experiments with shape, volume, proportion, and the tension between masculine and feminine. Her avant-garde urban style and monochromatic shade palette allows for a sophisticated line, with her designs attracting a very loyal following in Tel Aviv.

Hamiktso’a Street 4


20. Saga

Design destination. Saga is a contemporary design platform focused on the future of Israeli design, furniture, and homeware. Located next to the Jaffa flea market, Saga sells a mix of home accessories, lighting pieces, and furniture displayed together to encourage and promote modern design.

Rabbi Pinchas Street 4



Soft shapes and elegant designs. Combining classic jewelry making techniques with the subtleties of urban life, SHUNA translates the chaos and order of the city experience into elegant and timeless pieces. The designers work with precious metals and natural gemstones, creating a unique twist with a modern edge. Reminiscent of the art deco period, SHUNA’s process creates pieces that celebrate individuality and style.

Masaryk Boulevard 17


22. Sneakerbox

For sneaker junkies. Sneakers just got serious in Tel Aviv. This store has the ultimate collection of footwear, carefully selected by the owner Ohad Lahav. With a range that offers a variety of brands, colors, and styles, Sneakerbox is the go to spot in Tel Aviv for hard to find international brands and styles.

Ben Yehuda Street 225


23. Tolaat Sfarim

Bookstore cafe. There’s nothing quite like an afternoon of browsing the shelves at your local bookshop and then kicking back with your new book and a cup of coffee – that’s all you’ll be doing at Tolaat Sfarim. An institution since 1984, Tolaat Sfarim specializes in art, architecture, and photography books. With a wonderful vegan friendly cafe and an excellent selection in both English and Hebrew, it’s the perfect spot for locals and expats alike.

Mazeh Street 9


24. Global style

An international fashion house of modernism and style, Verner stocks the most recent collections of brands such as Acne Studios, T by Alexander Wang, Mansur Gavriel, MM6 Maison Martin Margeila, Â Etre Cecile and Opening Ceremony. Offering the most relevant contemporary designers, Verner’s highly curated inventory balances the most sought after trends with timeless style.

Yehuda Halevi Street 48



1. A La Rampa

Perfect night in the south. A hidden gem on the outskirts of South Tel Aviv, A La Rampa is one of the city’s most treasured authentic spots. The ambience here is unlike anything else in the city, and the food will capture your imagination as well as your taste buds. Boasting an innovative menu with vegan options, this is the perfect place to meet friends for an intimate evening.

Ha’Amal Street 21


2. America Burgers

Classic burgers. An ode to the American way, America Burgers is the Tel Avivian version of the classic burger experience. This American diner serves the perfect combination of delicious burgers, killer side dishes, and the right drink to top it off.

Allenby Street 112


3. Asia

Asian food in Jaffa’s Middle Eastern atmosphere. Tucked away in the Jaffa flea market, Asia is the neighborhood’s new hotspot. The menu draws inspiration from China, Thailand and Vietnam, and creates a unique fusion of mouthwatering flavors. The young and sultry atmosphere blends local culture with international cuisine, making Asia an ideal place for a night out and an excellent meal.

Nachman Street 3


4. Cafe Europa

Local flavors and excellent cocktails. Cafe Europa is located inside a magnificent building that overlooks the famed Rothschild Boulevard. For an evening out, their dinner menu features unique cuisine based on local flavors and seriously fresh and tasty cocktails. Whether upstairs in the cocktail bar, on the balcony, or outside in the intimate courtyard — Cafe Europa has an ambiance that allows visitors to take in the cool Mediterranean breeze. Be sure to try brunch, served every Saturday, and if you’re in the mood to dance, there is a live DJ spinning tunes every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Rothschild Boulevard 9b


5. Cafe Noir

A night in Paris. The combination of European style and a perfectly prepared Israeli menu will transport you all the way to Paris. Perfect for any occasion, Cafe Noir offers wonderful meals for everyone at any time of day, matching quality with refined taste in an elegant location.

Ahad Ha’Am Street 43


6. Claro

Farm to table. Chef Ran Shmueli uses the best local and seasonal produce on offer – a selection of authentic Greek, Turkish and Lebanese flavors, with a refreshing farm to table philosophy. Guaranteed to give you a taste of real Israeli fare and hospitality, there is an extensive wine list and a superb brunch menu. With room dedicated to private events, Claro is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion.

Haarba’a Street 23


7. Dalida

Dan Zuaretz’s Journey of Flavors. Tucked away in the Levinsky Spice Market, Dalida Restaurant and Bar embodies the charm and elegance of its namesake, Dalida. Combining the culinary traditions of the Arab world with that of Italian and French influence, Chef Dan Zuaretz’s enchanting flavors are not to be missed. The atmosphere is as enticing, bold, and captivating as the menu’s flavors. Its elegance and charm will sweep you off your feet, transporting you to another time and place.

Zevulun Street 7


8. Diego San

Pad thai popcorn. This Latin-Asian fusion bar has music and food inspired by LA food trucks and tiki bar cocktails – think tabasco, pina coladas and endless fun. Get into the spirit of Diego San every evening, as DJs play late into the night. The place to go for a raucously good time.

Hamashbir Street 2


9. Dok

Local artisanal cuisine. The principles of slow food are behind the menu here – anti-industrial food with ingredients that are picked locally, carefully prepared by the chefs, and served seasoned to perfection. At Dok there is a huge focus on using only Israeli ingredients, even providing a local wine list. A restaurant of the utmost quality – all at an affordable price.

Ibn Gabirol Street 8


10. Haachim

Fried artichokes with labane cheese. If you’re looking for a perfect example of contemporary Israeli cuisine, this restaurant offers up meat on the grill with an assortment of sides such as fried artichokes with labane cheese, msabbaha, and baskets of warm challah. A modern touch on classic Israeli dishes with a side splash of affordable cocktails and a perfectly spun DJ soundtrack.

Ibn Gabirol Street 12


11. Italkiya

Pasta frescha. This intimate Italian restaurant is located in a distinctive Bauhaus building in the heart of Jaffa and serves homemade pizza, pasta, gnocchi, and other special regional dishes. The smell of pizza fills the air as you approach – and is the perfect stop for hungry shoppers after a stroll at the flea market. The visible kitchen adds to the atmosphere.

Olei Zion Street 16


12. Kitchen Market

Israeli delicacies. Showcasing some of the most creative cookery in Tel Aviv, Kitchen Market is a unique dining experience offering the best food, hospitality and service. Overlooking the Mediterranean port and farmer’s market, this restaurant highlights the best that the city has to offer, with a focus on fresh and seasonal ingredients. Sourcing local ingredients, Kitchen Market serves local Israeli flavors with an experimental presentation.

Namal Tel Aviv Street 12


13. La Repubblica di Ronimotti

Pappardelle. Always fresh, seasonal and authentically Italian, La Repubblica di Ronimotti serves gorgeous and organic culinary delights to the urban neighborhood of ‘Lev Ha Ir”. Roni Belfer and Motti Sofer believe in local and seasonally fresh food representing the richness of Italian cuisine. Open for breakfast, a quick lunch or a gorgeous dinner, La Repubblica relies on their organic garden Il Jardino for year round fresh produce.

Mazeh Street 3


14. La Shuk

Taste of Tel Aviv. Located in the center of Dizengoff Street, La Shuk is one of the most vibrant places in town. Since its opening five years ago, the restaurant serves a range of fresh produce and varied specials. The perfect dinner arranged by an incredibly friendly staff, in an authentic Israeli atmosphere, it’s the perfect meeting spot.

Dizengoff Street 92


15. Manta Ray

Beachfront seafood. A beachfront restaurant located on the soft sand and relaxing waves of the Mediterranean, Manta Ray offers creative Middle Eastern cuisine and perfectly prepared seafood. An atmospheric place to eat and relax- at Manta Ray, the benefits of an urban beach are undeniable. One of the most iconic restaurants in Tel Aviv, Manta Ray is a destination not to be missed.

Nahum Goldman Street 2 (Alma Beach)


 16. Messa

Drawing inspiration from the Provence region of France, Chef Aviv Moshe blends traditional cooking techniques with Israeli flavors. The impeccable interior, designed by Alex Mitlis, features an alluring white-on-white dining room and an intoxicating black-on-black bar. Working with locally sourced ingredients, Moshe elevates the gourmet experience, presenting sentiments of home cooking within one of the world’s most unique spaces.

Haarba’a Street 19


17. Onza

Taste of the Middle East. Located in the heart of Jaffa, amongst the hustle and bustle of the market and winding streets is Onza – a wonderful place to sit under the stars with a cold beer and an incredible meal. From the creator of Kitchen Market, Onza believes in the true spirit of hospitality, and that means good food, a wonderful atmosphere, flowing alcohol, and sweet music.

Rabbi Hanina Street 3


18. Quattro

Modern Italian. A contemporary take on Italian cuisine, Quattro reinvents culinary tradition, serving innovative dishes with an artistic presentation. Chef Aviv Moshe’s commitment to quality is evident in his choice of ingredients, ensuring each plate is served with the utmost attention to detail. Designed by renowned designer Alex Mitlis, the restaurant’s interior balances sophistication with refinement, ensuring an unbeatable culinary experience. 

Haarba’a Street 21


19. Romano

Killer food and music. Part of the Port Said family, Romano is a restaurant and bar founded by the Teder Crew, Eyal Shani, and Shahar Segal. Located on the second floor of the Romano House, a historic building in South Tel Aviv, Romano is a superb hybrid of music and food. With a seasonal menu and a custom made sound system, Romano is a special place to dine and drink from the early evening, well into the late night.

Jaffa Road 9


20. Santa Katarina

A Tel Aviv favorite. Located behind the Great Synagogue of Tel Aviv, Santa Katarina is a perfectly charming local spot with great outdoor seating and a flavorful menu. Built around the kitchen’s taboon oven, the restaurant offers something for everyone – classic Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes and fresh pizzas.

Har Sinai Street 2


21. Shi-Shi

Sushi rolls and hot bowls. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s bustling Ibn Gabirol Street, Shi-Shi is the new Asian eatery on the block – and a true gem. Specializing in unique giant rolls that look like a combination between a spring roll and a sushi roll, all the rolls are rice based and accompanied by rich and refreshing fillings, and sauces such as roasted chicken, tofu, grilled cauliflower, and a variety of fresh fish. Their menu includes other delicious noodle bowls, soups, and unique desserts.

Ibn Gabirol Street 33


22. Suzana

Mezze. This Neve Tzedek restaurant has a gorgeous floral covered terrace, a rooftop bar in the summer months and a tasty Mediterranean menu that you can enjoy under the focus trees. With the warmest ambiance, Suzana has been a meeting place for family and friends for over ten years. Located steps from the Suzanne Dellal Dance Centre, Suzana is the perfect place to eat after seeing a performance.

Shabazi Street 9


23. Yaffo TLV

Old Jaffa x Modern Tel Aviv. Chef Haim Cohen transfers the relationship between old Jaffa and modern Tel Aviv right onto the plate. Yaffo Tel Aviv combines the nostalgic taste of traditional old world dishes with a contemporary twist. The restaurant is an open space where people can sit and relax with a plate of food created to satisfy and delight. From the menu to the interior design, this place shows off the dichotomy of Tel Aviv, reflecting on its rich history and long journey.

Yigal Alon Street 98



1. Anna Loulou

A community built through culture. Located in the heart of old Jaffa, Anna Loulou is one of the most unique spots in Tel Aviv. Whether it’s Arabic night or hip hop, the place is known for its legendary parties and ecstatic dance floor, featuring a unique blend of music and performances that can’t be found anywhere else in the city. Anna Loulou is much more than a bar, it is a community forged through culture, a space where everyone seems to feel at home.

Hapninim Street 2


2. Beit Maariv

Turbo sound system. Housed in the former headquarters of the Maariv newspaper, Beit Maariv is the ultimate night club, boasting a massive space with a renowned turbo sound system, this spot is always packed. Electronic music fills the air, as top local and international DJs perform each week. Hosting the best events in the city, Beit Maariv is not to be missed for anyone looking for an insanely good time.

Menachem Begin Road 51


3. Breakfast

International DJs. Breakfast Club & Milk Bar is an institution where time and space disappear, where you party well into the early hours of the morning. The place where Tel Aviv insiders have been dancing for a decade, Breakfast is the place where people come for the music and stay for the party, from funk & disco at Milk Bar to house & techno at Breakfast Club.

Rothschild Boulevard 6


4. Dalida Bar

Cocktails and shared plates. Dalida Bar is a fantastic spot in Tel Aviv’s Levinsky Market. Filled with tasty delicacies and unique cocktails, the bar’s presence and quality are a match for even the most discerning Tel Avivian. Serving an array of cocktails, Israeli, and Italian wines, there’s a drink to suit every taste. For food, Dalida offers delicious shared menu platters, perfect for breaking bread with friends, old and new.

Zvulon Street 8


5. Kuli Alma

An alternative space for art and music. Kuli Alma is a music and culture hotspot located in an indoor/outdoor complex with a maze of venues. Complete with a gallery, Kuli hosts top local and international DJs and indie bands. With a unique vibe and a partying crowd, Kuli is the place to go if you’re looking to buy art, meet local creatives and dance the night away.  

Mikve Israel Street 10


6. Nilus

Spiral staircases and palm trees. Nilus is situated amidst the dusty memories of Allenby Street in a former hotel from the 1920s where the old glamour has been preserved. With its beautifully designed lobby, heavy curtains, spiral staircases and palm trees, Nilus offers an escape from the urban jungle into the exotic Nile. Open early evening for light aperitifs and delicacies, stay on and enjoy the night, with a wide range of DJs performing throughout the week.

Allenby Street 33


7. Peacock

The local scene. A place made for locals, The Peacock is one of Israel’s original gastro pubs where the food is great and the environment is cool – the perfect place to spend your evening. One of the city’s most prominent bars, Peacock is a mecca for socializing Tel Avivis. The combination of good food and the undisputed chilled atmosphere will keep you coming back for more.

Marmorek Street 14


8. Port Said

The ultimate Tel Aviv hangout. Effortlessly cool, Port Said is the culinary child of the Teder Crew, Eyal Shani, and Shahar Segal – key Tel Avivian troupes. A blend of Egyptian and Eastern European styles, dine in the shadow of the Allenby Beit Knesset, and soak in the culture of Tel Aviv. With Tel Aviv’s finest DJs playing records on the turntable, this is the place to be seen.

Har Sinai Street 5


9. Shafa Bar

Relaxed Jaffa vibe. Shafa Bar dominates one of the major alleys in Jaffa, as night after night it spills over with tables of hungry and loyal patrons. The eclectic menu and lively beats are simply a bonus. A neighborhood bar with a cool and relaxed vibe, it’s the perfect place to gather on hot afternoons and warm nights for a cool drink and a delicious bite to eat.

Nachman Street 2


10. Shpagat

A gay bar for everyone. A gay bar where anyone could easily while away a whole day. A fun and easy cafe by day, Shpagat transforms to a cool and atmospheric wine bar in the evening. Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Shpagat is the perfect place to get to know Tel Aviv and what makes its open culture so special.

Nahalat Binyamin Street 43


11. Tepale

Old school, Israeli style. An old school bar, lounge and kitchen, Tepale caters to locals and travelers who seek to catch a glimpse of traditional Israeli life. If backgammon, Arak, Mizrahi music, and watermelon are your muses on a Friday, then this spot is for you. Tepale has two main spaces, one for indoor dining and an outside patio. The perfect place to sit back, relax, and enjoy life the Israeli way.

King George Street 87


12. The Block

World renowned DJs. One of the most popular clubs in Tel Aviv, The Block is a world renowned music venue. With its own custom made analog sound system, this Tel Aviv institution attracts top international DJs every year. Often regarded as Israel’s top underground music and dance venue, the Block is a place where people from all walks of life can enjoy an eclectic range of music.

Salame Road 157


13. Uganda

Taybeh beer, records, and rare arak. A bar, cafe, record store and music venue – this Jerusalem founded location opened a branch in Tel Aviv in 2010 to great success. With its own independent publishing house, Uganda promotes Israeli electronic music and it serves great beer, what else could you need?

Beit Habad Alley 5


14. Pasaz

Underground culture. Hidden down an unassuming staircase, Pasaz transforms from an unusual collector’s shop during the day to one of Tel Aviv’s most beloved nightclubs at night. Home to some of the best live shows and underground culture events, Pasaz hosts an event each evening – always mixing music genres and crowds. Live performances and DJs that tap into the city’s underground scene, Pasaz’s location in the heart of Allenby makes it a classic Tel Aviv favorite.

Allenby Street 94



1. Coola (only for women)

Refresh. A much-needed escape, Coola is a women’s only spa. A phone, laptop, and baby free zone where visitors can go to disconnect, relax and cool down. Surrounded by a peaceful sea landscape, visitors will find a selection of classic massages, along with unique treatments, facials, manicures, and pedicures. In a city as busy as Tel Aviv, Coola provides an oasis from the heat of the streets to refresh and unwind.  

Hangar 26, Tel Aviv Port. 


2. Yoko Kitahara

Japanese spa. A unique space for professional Japanese treatments located in a beautiful secret location in Jaffa, overlooking the Mediterranean sea. This is a small haven of Japanese therapy, hospitality and design in an unforgettable Middle Eastern setting. At Yoko Kitahara they believe in uncompromising quality and following Japanese tradition, at this spa they give the highest attention to the smallest details. Treatment begins at the entrance. This is a place to leave your troubles at the door, and take some time for yourself.

Kikar Kedumim Street 5



1. Alon Segev

Site specific installations. Since its opening, Alon Segev has earned the reputation as one of Israel’s leading contemporary art galleries. The gallery’s artistic agenda has created space for complex installations in addition to videos, sculptures, drawings, and paintings. The gallery works with young and established artists, while maintaining its vision of exposing Israeli artists to the international scene, and creating space for top international artists to gain exposure in Israel.

Rothschild Boulevard 6


2. Braverman Gallery

Video art and installations. Established in 2004, Braverman Gallery is a leading member of the contemporary art scene in Tel Aviv, specializing in video art and installations. The gallery seeks to promote Israeli artists in the international scene, while at the same time bringing top international artists to Israel.

Hasharon Street 12b


3. CCA

Large scale and site specific exhibitions. Situated in the heart of Tel Aviv, the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA) is a registered non for profit organization that produces four to six unique large scale exhibitions annually, often focusing on time based or site specific practices by outstanding local and international artists. Alongside exhibitions, the CCA organizes a wide variety of public programming including panels, screenings, artist talks and performances that challenge perceived notions and stimulate debate, foster experimentation and encourage engagement.

Tsadok Hacohen Street 2a


4. Chelouche Gallery

Traditional and innovative. Situated in one of the most beautiful buildings in the heart of Tel Aviv, the historic Twin Houses at 7 Mazeh Street, Chelouche Gallery exhibits a wide range of works via traditional and innovative mediums. Since its inception, the Gallery has set out to promote an unparalleled exhibition schedule in collaboration with curators and artists from around the world; endeavors that have maintained the gallery’s position as a vanguard of the cutting edge in Israel.

Mazeh Street 7


5. Dvir Gallery

Cutting edge and international. Introducing cutting edge contemporary Israeli artists, Dvir gallery was founded in 1982 by Dvir Intrator. Since then, the gallery has broadened its collection to include leading international artists. Dvir is situated in a five story building in South Tel Aviv, and has recently opened a second branch in Brussels, Belgium.

Reshit Hochma 14


6. Gordon Gallery

Israeli Avant-garde. Founded in Tel Aviv by Yeshayahu Yariv, Gordon Gallery was conceived alongside the rising avant garde art scene in Israel. Yariv’s distinct artistic taste and knowledgeable choices has        shaped the gallery’s artistic direction and established its status as a leading force in the Israeli art world. Today, Gordon Gallery is known for its collection of fine Israeli art (one of the largest collections of its kind) as well as representing today’s leading Israeli artists and several important estates.

Ben Yehuda Street 95
HaPelech Street 6


7. Hezi Cohen Gallery

Post medium. Hidden in Tel Aviv’s industrial South, the Hezi Cohen Gallery creates space for contemporary art with a focus on diverse media. “Challenging the art object by expanding its definitions and properties”, the gallery’s vision champions art that transcends medium. Showcasing international and Israeli artists, Hezi Cohen welcomes new attitudes, creating an innovative space for cutting edge artistic practice.

Wolfson Street 54


8. Noga Gallery

Mixed media. Noga Gallery was designed for groundbreaking artists working across different forms of media. The gallery maintains an ambitious exhibition program through the introduction of emerging artists. Noga has secured its reputation as one of Israel’s leading galleries, renowned for the quality of exhibitions, monographs, and artists books. Its program has produced acclaimed exhibitions and ground breaking movements of artists responding to the changing scenery of contemporary art, technology and lifestyle.

Ahad Ha’am Street 60


9. RawArt Gallery

Emerging and contemporary. With an impressive curatorial agenda, RawArt has earned the reputation as one of the most cutting edge galleries in Tel Aviv. Its location in Tel Aviv’s Kiryat Hamelacha compound and its focus on young and emerging works creates a space of innovation, experimentation, and success. Hosting solo and group shows along with unmissable artistic events, RawArt represents over twenty local and international artists, making it a mecca for emerging artistic talent.

Shvil HaMeretz Street 3


10. Rosenfeld Gallery

Established and innovative. Since its opening in 1952, Rosenfeld Gallery has become one of the most popular galleries in Tel Aviv. Director Zaki Rosenfeld has gained a reputation through his ability to discover and cultivate new talent. Situated in South Tel Aviv’s Kiryat Hamelcha, an industrial area that has been steadily evolving into one of the city’s most prominent sites for contemporary art, Rosenfeld is an institution not to be missed.

Shvil HaMi’fal Street 1


11. Sommer

Established and emerging. One of the leading galleries in Tel Aviv, Sommer Contemporary works closely with museums, biennials and publishing houses to expose leading Israeli artists to the international scene and top international artists to Israel. In addition to working with leading talent, Sommer has launched a unique project room where young curators are given the opportunity to exhibit emerging art. Titled S2, the initiative creates a space for innovation and experimentation.   

Rothschild Boulevard 13


Hotel Spotlight

Hotel Spotlight

Words: Lotte Beilin and Camea Smith

Coffee Culture in Tel Aviv

Coffee Culture in Tel Aviv

Words: Joy Bernard