Hotel Spotlight | Arugot

Words: Daniela Engelberg
Photography: Liri Argov

The Vera Hotel has involved many of Tel Aviv’s top creatives in the hotel’s design process from the very beginning. The hotel’s thoughtful approach extends from design to customer service, and everything they offer is from only the highest-quality ingredients, especially their toiletries, which are made by Arugot.


Arugot is an organic cosmetics brand that believes in honoring nature. The family-owned business began when founder Esther Lachman turned her kitchen into a laboratory. Between meal preparations, Esther and her husband began crafting soaps, lotions and deodorants using Louisa plants and other fresh treasures from their garden.

They discovered that even though they were growing their own crops, chickens and goats in their backyard, they still owned and used cosmetic products made from toxic, chemical ingredients. They dug deeper and learned that most cosmetic products that the average consumer uses on a daily basis are based mostly from chemicals. This is when they started researching and testing with alternative ingredients – such as cold-pressed and organic oils, pure aromatic extracts, herbal extracts from flowers, seeds, and plants.

Devoted to nature’s pure and fresh nourishment, Arugot uses 100% chemical-free and toxin-fee ingredients following an ethical process from start to finish. All products are made with pure aromatherapy extracts, natural oils, organic wild plants, and medicinal plants.

The brand believes in creating more than just gorgeous and fragrant cosmetics. Arugot believes in social and environmental awareness and that true beauty goes hand-in-hand with quality and health.

“When our bodies are nurtured and nourished with organic care, and our skin receives the purest treatment, we thrive.  Our body is vibrant and our skin glows,” Esther shares.

Arugot takes pride in quality and social responsibility. In addition to valuing quality and transparency, the business also aims to make a social impact. They are supporting Tair, an organization for female victims of sexual abuse, as well as organizations that support single moms and families in need.

What started out in a kitchen is now a boutique family business, reaching international clients that instantly become avid fans of the luxurious, natural products. Arugot is certified by COSMOS, a leading international standard for organic cosmetics that covers both European and American standards. Most importantly, the brand is loyal to their core values and guarantees full transparency throughout the entire process.

“We believe that small changes make the greatest difference in life,” says Esther.
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