Day Trip

Words: Jenna Romano

As much as we love Tel Aviv, it is good to take an occasional day trip outside of the city to discover the range of beauty and culture in Israel. From wineries in the desert, farm-to-table meals in the countryside, outstanding design studios in the suburbs and renowned restaurants in Jerusalem – have a look at some of our favorite destinations outside of the White City.


A surprising culinary adventure under the Jerusalem Theatre

Just below the Jerusalem Theatre, Talbiye is a charming brasserie with just the right ingredients: Appetizing food, an endearing location and a good reputation. The sophisticated menu at Talbiye delicately combines French cuisine with Israeli influences, and guests can choose from an array of unique seasonal dishes and exciting specials. (The Kreplach, baked octopus and Gateau Basque are not to be missed!) Bustling from breakfast time until the late evening, Talbiye is a surprising culinary adventure.

Chopin Street 5, Jerusalem

Photography: Noya Ron


The best service and quality in Jerusalem

Mona is an iconic restaurant nestled in a historic building in the heart of Jerusalem. The seasonal menu at Mona is creative and precise, and the kitchen spends an enormous amount of time researching and testing ingredients until their food embodies one word: delicious. Guests at Mona will experience one of the most finely executed meals in the city. The time at Mona passes by with leisure and pleasure, and the staff will truly treat you like a star.

Shmuel HaNagid Street 12, Jerusalem

Photography: Noam Preisman

Nana Winery

A stunning winery in the heart of the desert

In the heart of Mitzpe Ramon lies Nana Winery, an estate specializing in a line of boutique modern wines. Inspired by a love for the land, Nana Winery vineyards are perfectly synchronized with the desert atmosphere. Using grapes that are catered to taste, they are grown with a method that is customized for the climate. Apart from the distribution of their boutique lines of wines, visitors to Nana Winery are invited on a scenic journey to the Vineyard Bar for special tastings. 

171 Road, Mitzpe Ramon

Photography: Eyal Tamir

Farma Cultura

An organic farm just outside of Tel Aviv

Located a convenient twenty minutes outside of Tel Aviv, Farma Cultura is an organic farm growing organic produce with sustainable methods. Farma Cultura is an ideal day trip destination for locals and visitors alike. On site, guests will find a farm shop and garden, where you can enjoy a farm-to-table dining experience, pick up a picnic basket to go or participate in one of their unique events. 

HaManim Street 56, Bnei Zion

Photography: Ofra Ron Mazor

Gouje ve Danielle

A country-style bistro outside of the city

Gouje ve Danielle is more than just a restaurant, it is an all-encompassing experience with an open-minded culinary philosophy. With Italian, French and Israeli influences, the unique menu at this country-style bistro is one step ahead of other food trends. Specialties at Gouje ve Danielle include Venetian veal Schnitzel, Calamarata, and the signature root vegetable salad. Apart from the food, guests also come to Gouje ve Danielle for its staycation atmosphere, an achievement that is thanks to its stunning location outside of the city.

Anshei Bereshit St 39, Bnei Zion

Photography: Daniel Lailah

Mitbach Shel Rama

For private events or weekend dining in the countryside

Mitbach Shel Rama is a farm-to-table style restaurant and event venue that captivates guests in the Judean Hills, a charming countryside setting for intimate celebrations. The newly renovated restaurant is dedicated to private events during the week, and open to the public on weekends with a bespoke dining schedule. Each seasonal menu includes wholesome dishes that are based on local flavors — fresh vegetables, homemade pasta, seafood, dairy, and organic meat. Guests will find that the culinary experience at Mitbach Shel Rama is a product of creativity and quality taste.  


Photography: Yael Ilan

Be Longing

An inspiring studio that emphasizes design, nature, and creativity

Be Longing(s) is an concept store, design studio, gallery and brand that creates thoughtful collections of furniture, lighting, clothing, textiles and more. The products, which are inspired by nature, encourage a lifestyle of simplicity and emphasize raw, sometimes reclaimed materials. Outside of the busy city district, the magical location is often used as a venue for small social gatherings. Whether it is to shop in the studio, visit the workshop, join an event, or to simply bask in the creative atmosphere, guests are always welcome to Be Longing(s).

Derech Beit Harishonim, Kfar Vitkin

Photography: Liron Sandman

Uri Buri

A unique Mediterranean food experience in Akko

Overlooking the Mediterranean and the historic walls of Akko, Uri Buri is a legendary restaurant that stands on its own as a destination in Israel. Chef and owner Uri Jeremias is native to the seaside, and his deep-rooted passion for food can be tasted in every element of the menu and its execution. Uri Buri places special emphasis on seafood, honing in on straightforward ways to make the best use of seasonal local ingredients.

HaHagana St, Acre


Basic Studio

A studio creating household items made with raw materials.

Basic Studio is a boutique textile and home decor brand specializing in a series of functional and decorative household items for the home. While their workshop and store is based in Tel Aviv, the studio team also designs projects all over the world. Dedicated to giving customers the inspiration they need to make the house of their dreams, Basic Studio produces everything from towels and bedding to candles and hammocks. Their distinct style was developed out of a dedication to loving creations that stand out thanks to the use of raw materials and handmade techniques. 

Bet Yehoshua Railway Station

Photography: Sarit Goffen

Gilboa Herb Farm

A home-style mediterranean meal in the heart of the gilboa hills

Located in the north of Israel, Gilboa Herb Farm is a rustic Israeli restaurant serving a diverse line up of home-style dishes. Visitors to the family run establishment will experience an authentic, fresh meal overlooking the gorgeous Gilboa Hills. As far as cuisine goes, Gilboa Herb Farm has something to offer everyone, with a host of Mediterranean-inspired dishes starring ingredients like organic meat, seasonal vegetables, local herbs and dairy products. Also available as a venue for private events, Gilboa Herb Farm is a unique destination where one can dine and celebrate with friends.

Derech Nof HaGilboa, Road 667

Photography: Adi Peretz
Day Trip

Day Trip

Words: Jenna Romano

Jerusalem Skater Girls

Jerusalem Skater Girls

Words: Jenna Romano