Local Anthology

The Vera is obsessed with all things artisanal and hand-crafted by Tel Avivians. We incorporate products made exclusively by homegrown artisans — from soap and scent makers to the liquor mixed into signature cocktails served at our bar. 

Our hotel was built on the foundation of one of Tel Aviv’s most heralded streets — an artery between the boutique shops and galleries in Neve Tzedek, the original neighborhood of Tel Aviv — thru the bustling Allenby Street, a cultural and commercial hotspot. A love for all things Tel Aviv runs thick in our blood, and in keeping face with our city, our guests experience exclusive amenities, hyperlocal concierge and an unwavering locavore essence that celebrates the creativity within our non-stop city.

The Vera’s guiding mantra emphasizes anthology and the support of local purveyors using the finest, natural materials to the palpable pleasures of our guests.

The People

From our perfectly attentive managerial team and craft mixologists to our massage therapists, yoga instructors and maintenance team, The Vera employs Tel Avivians from near and far to create a seamless hospitality experience that is truly homegrown. 

you can read more about some of our partners below

Arugot - Pure Organic Skin Care

A boutique workshop for organic skin care. Arugot’s products are made from seeds and plants mostly growing on their family’s farm in the western Negev.
For the Vera hotel, Arugot bespokely used mostly fruits from the Seven Species from the Land of Israel to provide you with advanced cosmetics, full of freshness and vitality.

Ohad Benit

Located in Tel Aviv, Ohad Benit Studio was created by the namesake designer, and specializes in designing, researching, developing and producing projects in different fields, ranging from conceptual to product and end at a space design. The Vera will boast exclusive design pieces and furnitures throughout its lobby, rooms and public spaces created by Ohad Benit Studio.

Tomer Nachshon

From chairs and stools to tables and consoles, The Vera boasts exclusive design work by Tomer Nachson, whose signature aged leather and hammered brass aesthetic fashion The Vera for a timeless approach to design that feels comfortable.


Telavivian is an online magazine featuring Tel Aviv’s art and culture. It is the voice of a roaring city that celebrates its rich and chaotic lifestyle and its lively and creative people. From art, fashion and music to architecture and culinary destinations, it is a space for you to learn more about Tel Aviv.  

Asaf Solomon

Architect and designer of the Vera Hotel, began his professional career in New York today lives and work in Tel Aviv, His office deals with a broad range of interesting and challenging projects in different areas mostly hotels.  I believe in striving for excellence in architectural creation by setting high standards. Vera hotel is example for hotel build in those standards.

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